July, 2019

Established VIETNAM Branch

March, 2016

Mastering in Industry 4.0 (WT net 4.0) among Auxiliary equipments. 

January, 2015

Completed the extension of headquarter factory. Usable space reached 11,250 m².

November, 2014

Rapid Dryers are awarded patents in Taiwan and Japan.

January, 2014

New look design combines aesthetics Might Crushers are award patent in Taiwan

October, 2013

Vacuum Buffer Hoppers are awards patent in Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China.Energy-efficient Hopper Dryers are awards patent in Germany, Taiwan and China.Tube Loaders are awards patent in Taiwan and China.

April, 2012

Mighty Crusher series gain the grants of "Technology Aesthetics Value-added Project in Machinery Industry" by ITRI

December, 2010

Auto Dosing & Mixing System series and Crusher series are awarded CE certification

December, 2009

Master-Batch Feeder series are awarded CE certification

June, 2009

Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryers(DHV) are successively awarded patents in Taiwan, China , Germany, U.S.A and Japan

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