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Drying & Dehumidifying System

◆ Crusher


Loading & Conveying System

◆ Auto Vacuum Loader

1.Unable or less / little to suction.

Ans.: 1. Adjust the air damper of stainless suction probe.
2. Clean or replace the paper filter.
3. Check the air hose of auto-loader is whether damaged.
4. Examine the limit switch, contactor overload, timer, and motor running well or damage.
5. The belt of blower for TC-6 Loader is loosen or broken.
6. Check the tube or material hose is plugged.
7. Power insufficient.

2.TAE SERIES – unable to start. (normal operation)

Ans.: IC board malfunction to cause the line. # ③ & ④ discounted.
PS. OL – Motor overload, PS - no carbon brush.

3.TAF SERIES – suction material only once.

Ans.: Check the Limit Switch disconnected.

4.TAF can power on but no START function.

Ans.: IC board or buzzer breakdown to cause the IC board malfunction.

5.The hoper do suction material but be unable falling down material.

Ans.: 1.If suction hopper equipped on the hopper dryer and find the plugged of air outlet of hopper dryer, cause the material is unable to fall by pressure increasing.
2.Happen the static. (must do grounding)
3.Find the bridge or suction full of material in the suction hopper. (please reserve enough space)

Dosing & Mixing System

◆ Master-Batch Feeder

1.Unable to connect. (INJECTION TYPE)

Ans.: 1. Check if there has a control signal.
2. Check if relay is plug in and the control signal of relay can not match the specification. (Be sure the signal at the customer is DC-12V, DC-24, and AC-220V)
3. Check if press TIMER key already.

2.Motor Stop. (INJECTION TYPE)

Ans.: Check if the motor, gear, screw sets is block or not. Also check the motor wire connector, IC board and converter…etc.

3.The motor is running but material can not come out. (INJECTION TYPE)

Ans.: No material or screw is broken.

4.IC board crashed. (INJECTION TYPE)

Ans.: 1. Check if the IC board is away from high frequency area.
2. If still can not solve the problem. Please make sure the brand of converter then chooses a suitable converter.

5.The screw turning didn’t follow the signal from Injection molding machine. (INJECTION TYPE)

Ans.: Adjust converter to reduce the time.

6.Unable to connect. (EXTRUDER TYPE)

Ans.: Check if the output is at 0-10V, and the signal is connected. Wire of +- is on right connection.

7.Motor Stop. (EXTRUDER TYPE)

Ans.: Check if the motor, gear, screw cylinder is block or not. Also check the motor wire connector, IC board and converter…etc.

8.Sometimes R.P.M. gets faster and slower. (EXTRUDER TYPE)

Ans.: Because the material is not smooth, the speed sometimes gets faster or slower. The solution of this problem is to use no testing hole cylinder or adjust the converter.

9.For example, if customer’s extruder is at 40 rpm and our MF is at 40 rpm. When extruder is at 20 rpm and our MF is at 20 rpm. Why will MF show 15 rpm? (EXTRUDER TYPE)

Ans.: This is a linear problem.
As our MF linear is a straight line. The customer’s extruder linear is curve so our MF can not reach this extruder.

Cooling & Heating System

◆ Mold Temperature Controller

1.The heating temperature is unable to raise or reach up to pre-setting temperature value.

Ans.: 1. The tooling / mold pipe lines are plugged, cause the pipeline deposit excessive carbon and block the pipe filter.
2. Improper select wrong mold temperature controller that not meet customer needs.
3. Lack of flow & electricity.
4. Find the fault of heating element, contactor, temperature controller.

2.Pump leaking oil.

Ans.: 1. Find the stuff like as iron filing that stay inside of pipeline to cause the leaking oil.
2. Improper or over usage this unit standard range.

3.Malfunction of cooling.

Ans.: 1. Check the tank shall have sufficient water.
2. Connect correct of cooling water inlet and outlet.
3. Check whether plugged of cooler.
4. Check error of solenoid valve or temperature controller.
5. Regularly clean or replace the filter.

4.The water outlet (to mold) is insufficient for mold.

Ans.: Check the pressure if there is no or insufficient to cause the water flow is short of water outlet to mold.

5. Hot kerosene (oil) emitted.

Ans.: 1. Happen this condition by mixing with oil and water and then heating. Suggest to replace new kerosene (oil) and clean the pipeline. (Be careful to check the water vapor inside of wheel.
2. If air left in the pipeline to cause the kerosene emitted and even burned out the heating element.

6.Burned out of fuse after power on or just starting.

Ans.: Malfunction of cooling fan, temperature controller, buzzer or indicator light leaking electricity to cause the fuse burned out.

7.Over Heat.

Ans.: 1. Find no loop or block or lack of kerosene (oil).
2. Excessive deposition of carbon to cause heating element smoldering.
3. Error of EGO (overheat preventer), spot welding death of contactor, malfunction of temperature controller.


Ans.: Molding machine of user is unable in operation, because from the leakage electricity of pump and heating element.

9.Caution of Roller machine.

Ans.: 1. The temperature wave large. (ex. easy to reach 150℃ and down to 130℃)
2. Inside with vapor. (mixing with oil and water, visual recognition finds the oil muddy or not.)
3. When find the water inside must be drawn to all of the oil, and then refilled with new oil.
4. Be attention of heating element when you refilling new oil to prevent the smoldering of heating element.
5. If your roller machine is high speed rotation about 500 RPM, 20 ~30 RPM per minute will cause the centrifugal and the oil will not be able to fully send out. Please couple with outside with friction pump to drawn the oil from the inlet of mold temperature controller.

◆ Chiller

1.Present value of Temperature does not match up with Environment Temperature.

Ans.: Temperature controller or thermocouple is faulty. Or Temperature controller does not match up with correct thermocouple. (112 matches up with Light Blue wiring of Thermocouple, and 901 matches up with Light Blue or Gray thermocouple. 902 and 902plus match up with Gray thermocouple.)

2.Inferior Radiation. (High pressure protector triggered)

Ans.: Check if Cooling fan is damaged, Filter net is stocked, Condenser is stocked, there is no cooling water, or the water pressure is not high enough.

3.Lack of Refrigerant. (Low pressure protector triggered)

Ans.: Cooling is too well to lead Low pressure protector triggered, please turn cooling water less and decrease the radiations (for Air model). Or there is refrigerant leakage inside piping of unit.

4.Anti-frozen Indicator is ON.

Ans.: 1. Setting temperature is too low to lead huge differences for overheat protector or damaged. ( Setting temperature lower than 5℃ )
Please change temperature to set at 7~8℃, and reset again after temperature is working normal.
2. Stopped supplying cooling water to unit would lead Evaporator frosted.
Please defrost it for 24 hours to reuse it.

5.Low pressure protector switch triggered. ( Environment temperature is 12℃. )

Reason: Low temperature of Environment leads unit working better, but sometimes it would lead Low pressure protector triggered. Ans.: 1. Please turn cooling water less. (to make water circulation not so good)
2. Adjust Low pressure switch lower than 1kg/cm².
This is because cooling water is low, and it would make it much lower to lead Low pressure protector triggered.
( Especially Environment Temperature is about 12℃ or lower)

6.Compressor is Burned.

Ans.: 1. Non-stop working for Compressor for a certain period of time.
(Compressor keeps working because of unable to reach required temperature from its setting.)
2.There is water inside Compressor. (Piping damaged and lead water going inside compressor.)
3.High pressure and Low pressure does not stay at stable value inside Rated range.

Granulating & Recycling System

◆ Crusher



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