WT(Wise-Transit) Net 4.0 / Plastic Industry 4.0

WT(Wise-Transit) Net 4.0
WT(Wise-Transit) Net 4.0

WT(Wise-Transit) Net 4.0
Plastic Industry 4.0

The automatic plastics processing can be controlled by the method of Industry 4.0, Modbus Protocol and RS-485, supplied  by Yann Bang, professional experienced programming design and related compatible equipment, to offer you a best solution to a smart factory.

  1. Provide the complete production resume for tracking and analyzing.

  2. Record the best parameter setting and the experience can be inherited.

  3. Machine maintenance can be reffered to and reminded.


Auto Vacuum Loader

(Floor Mounted)

The separated design of a blower and a suction hopper with mighty horsepower is suitable for long distance conveying. That keeps your resin away the pollution and extend suction points easily for future need.


Hopper Dryer

The unique insulated hopper can stand heating repeatedly in high temperature. High security and well dehumidifying. Light weight is easy to install on the molding machine directly. Stainless and polish one unit design is dust-free and clean-free.


Dehumidifying Dryer

Import Honeycomb of ceramic fiber , exceed dew point below -40°C of dried air. Intelligent Micro Controller and premium overheat protector.  Accurate PID temperature controller. Well designed Solid State Relay(SSR) and protective devices.


Master-Batch Feeder

The masterbatch mixes with your virgin resin at the machine hopper automatically. It saves the manpower, resin, stock costs, and keeps working environment clean. The unit mixes and doses masterbatch, additives, free flowing powders, regrinded and virgin resin to ensure consistent and accurate mixing which results in better quality of product and less rejects. 


Mold Temp. Controller

Accurate mold temperature solves the problem of plastic flow patterns, reducing flow and weld lines, gloss appearance, record grooves effect, silver streaking, stress-whitening, warping, and etc.... Automatically controls of mold temperature to give perfect moldings with every shot.


Chiller / Air Conditioner

Work with high efficiency of plate-type cooler to significantly improve energy save of EER. Fin evaporator with filter avoid dust and improve operating efficiently. Cooling faster and better and easy maintenance.

The dry air from the industrial air conditioner reduces the condensation while the mold is cooling. That accurately controls the humid around the mold to ensure your product in good quality



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