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Water Chiller

Water Chiller (YBW)

Water Chiller (YBW)

YANN BANG Industrial water chiller uses fin evaporators with filters which can avoid dust and improve efficiency of operation.

  • Use the latest European,American or Japanese compressor,available in single and double compressors. The compressors of the double-compressor model can either run alone or together.

  • High-efficient shell-pipe condenser which has heat-transmission function can save energy.

  • Well-designed safety protection. It is also equipped with a digital temperature display indicator and abnormal warning indicators for the long lasting.

  • Applied Machinery:
    Cooling system of oil temperature,ultrasonic,high frequency machine
    Cooling system of injection molding machine
    Cooling system of blow molding machine
    Cooling system of extrusion molding machine


  1. Refrigerating capacity is based on outside condition of 30°C (wet bulb), and cold water temperature at 7.2°C.

  2. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  • Compressor overload protector  

  • Overcharging relay 

  • High/Low refrigerant pressure switch

  • Temperature switch 

  • Reverse current switch

  • Flow control switch

  • Refrigerant release valve

Cooling Tower


  1. Unique design and outstanding heat-exhausting effect.

  2. Rust prevention.

  3. Optional water pump.

Cooling Tower



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No.26, Industry 20th Rd., Taiping District,Taichung City 41154,Taiwan

TEL : 886-4-2271-0000

FAX : 886-4-2271-1988


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