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Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer

Awarded "Taiwan Excellence Awards" by MOEA,  "Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2010" and patents in Taiwan, Germany, Japan, USA and China.

YANN BANG Vacuum dehumidifying dryer works without any chemical to prevent resin from acidification, degeneration and yellowing. The easy-to-clean chamber design is environment friendly. The vacuum dehumidifying dryer can shorten your drying time, increase your production, and save your energy and cost. The continuous drying in small batch dryer can ensure the dehumidifying quality and prevent the moist reversion. A vacuum dehumidifying dryer is a indispensable drying equipment for optics industry.

With compact shortage tank design, easy to change materials and save time. As your order is small batch and various, it is the best choice for the order in small batch with various kinds.

Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer (DHV)

Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer (DHV)

  • DRY FASTER. Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer can dry resins six times faster than traditional kind.

  • SAVE SPACE. New design saves more space comparing a standard 3-in-1 dehumidifying dryer.

  • SAVE ENERGY UP TO 60%. Vacuum drying technology can shorten the drying time and increase your productivity in order to save energy up to 60%.

  • KEEP IN GOOD QUALITY. To avoid the degeneration and yellowing problems in long drying hours.

  • SAVE MONEY.  Machine life time extension can save your money on spare parts such as desiccative or honeycomb wheels or cooling water.

  • USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL PANEL. The human machine interface control panel is user-friendly design with safety devices and abnormal signal indicators. With abnormal signal indicators, it is easy for operators to know which part has problems to fix or maintain.


  1. If the conveying height exceeds the specification, please choose a suitable autoloader with pipe cleaning device.

  2. Specific Gravity:  0.65

  3. We reserve the right to change the data without prior notice.

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