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Suction Hopper

Suction Hopper

Suction Hopper

Suction hopper is using for loading material in the industry which uses vacuum principle.

  • Standard Series(HS)
    By negative pressure principle, convey the raw material into the hopper controlled by the limited switch.

  • Glass series(GS)
    Fitted with a proximity switch to make the accurate control and the material supply easily observed. It can be mounted directly onto the molding machine and gives the operator a clear view of the loading through the sight glass. Awarded patents in various countries. Ex: Japan,Taiwan, China.

  • Stainless Series for Optics(HS-S/GS-S)
    The stainless suction hopper which is internal buffed is dust-free and best choice for optics industry.

  • Booster Series(HS-E)​
    Flexible Hopper design to increase or decrease your hourly capacity is economic and user-friendly.

  • Dust-Free Filter Hopper for optics(HDF)
    During conveying, dust and resin are separated. To compare with other air filter, it can increase 300% efficiency to de-dust. Stainless design with transparent tempered glass gives a clear view of the loading, and it is perfect for optics need of dust-free. Revolutionary suction hopper is awarded patents in various countries. Ex: German, Japan, Taiwan, China. 

  • Powder Series(HSP)
    Working with a floor-type auto loader (TAE series) .It is the best choice for powder user. Available for powder, pellet or flake resin. Both new and recycled material are no problem. Special design to prevent dust and keep workshop clean. No longer worry about the powder jam at the bottom



  • Standard Switch: Limited, Option(GS series): proximity switch, optics switch

  • We reserve the right to change the technical data without specifications.

Air Accumulator


Air Accumulator

Air accumulator is perfect conveying mixed resin with powder and granule, heavy powder resin, regrinded resin, or flake resin.Prevent the damage of your motor from dust and lengthen the machine life time. Save your energy and material cost.


Material Inlet Base(MIB) is fitted between suction hopper and molding machine for direct filling material without shortage.


Static Eliminator


Static Eliminator

The static eliminator could separate the dust and the pellet easily to improve product quality and decrease defective rate. This is one of the best solutions for LCD panels, compact disc, optical lenses, and optics related vendors.


Air-Cut-off Valve/Material Cut-off Valve


Proximity / Optics Switch


Proximity / Optics Switch


Bridge-break Device for HS series (TAIWAN PAT. M591521)

Special Mounting Flange

Special Mounting Flange



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