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Proportional Valve

Proportional Valve
Proportional Valve
Proportional Valve

Proportional Valve (PV)

Mixing proportional valve is for mixing virgin resin with regrinded resin. This unit can worked with any auto loader and easy to clean. 

  • The unit is used for mixing virgin resin with another virgin resin or regrinded resin in proportion via the auto loaders. This unit can be worked with any auto loaders, and help you to save labor cost and raw material cost. Easy to clean and install.

  • The unique air valve structure design stops dust from entering the cylinder of the unit and thus reduces waste.

  • Can mix or feed one kind of resin only if required.

  • The controller is fitted with digital readout (PV-A-D Series) and setting for the mixing cycles which gives a high rate of accuracy. It is easy to set and be set in the range of 0-9.9 seconds.

  • Transparent cleaning cover design for quick cleaning and easy changing materials.

  • Individual controller for convenient operation.

How to choose the models

  1. The PV-A2 series (2" piping) are suitable for long pieces of regrind material or loaders over 2 hp (2 hp included). Others are suitable for PV-A1 series (1½” piping).

  2. Please choose the most suitable models according to your working space and the types of auto loaders.



  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  • Transparent steel wire pipe



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