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YANN BANG 45TH anniversary~~
Cover Story: Legacy of a total solutions innovator

Date : 2019.05.08

Yann Bang 45th anniversary

Yann Bang: Legacy of a total solutions innovator

Yann Bang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company with vision and operations beyond present time, anticipating future customers’ needs even before they happen. Prior to the era of Industry 4.0, Yann Bang has been well prepared with its broad product portfolio ready for the industrial revolution’s new requirements. When the market demand for energy efficiency surged, the company was quick to respond with its vacuum dehumidifying technology capable of cutting down energy costs. These reflect Yann Bang as not only a leading brand of auxiliary equipment, but also a benchmark of successful legacy to the next-generation industrial sector.

Founded in 1974, Yann Bang is a leading manufacturer of a vast range of automatic auxiliary conveying and drying systems for the plastics and rubber industry. From Automatic Systems, Drying & Dehumidifying Systems, Loading & Conveying Systems, Dosing & Mixing Systems, Cooling & Heating Systems, and Granulating & Recycling Systems, Yann Bang has carved a reputation in the industrial arena for its reliability and product excellence.

R&D efforts have paid off for Yann Bang whose investments into research and development for the past four decades were rewarded with numerous patents in Taiwan, Japan, USA, Germany, and China. Aside from international standards compliance certifications such as ISO 9001, Yann Bang products have been awarded “Taiwan Excellence” award twice; “Taiwan Logo Design Award”; “Ringier Technology Innovation Award”; “Golden Hand Award”; “Blue-chip Company of Innovation & Research Award”; “SME Innovation & Research Award”; “Premium Product with Excellent Design Award”; “Centurial Business Dragon Award”; and “Golden Dragon Award.”

Exporting and serving more than 80 countries, Yann Bang’s complete auxiliary equipment portfolio makes it total solutions provider in this field. Since its establishment, the company’s client base has expanded to include global companies like 3M, Panasonic, DuPont, Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Canon, Foxconn, Mitsubishi, Hiwin, Chimei, Nanya, Avon, Polymed, Jabil, and many other leading brands. 

A major leap in the global market

Yann Bang’s innovative spirit is attributed to the vision of its President, Ben Wang. Not a traditional businessman, Mr. Wang derived his expertise in auxiliary equipment from his own experience as he started his career repairing machineries and auxiliary equipment, and helping factories upgrade to automation. “The experience I acquired over the years in electromechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems helped tremendously that later on, I started fixing whole equipment. Eventually, I established Yann Bang to produce equipment to support production operations,” Mr. Wang explained.

From the first product – an oven dryer – Yann Bang modified it to come up with its special breed of hopper dryer. The transition from a small manufacturer into a world-class provider of auxiliary equipment was not easy for Yann Bang. According to Mr. Wang, back in the 50s, the market was developing rapidly that Yann Bang tried to move ahead by launching breakthrough equipment that are unique, highly reliable, responsive to the market requirements, and capable of efficient operations. Yann Bang is also able to design and customize production systems meeting the customer’s specific requests, as well as prevailing market trends. It has also developed a vacuum dehumidifying technology which has been in the market for years, and has been bestowed the Taiwan Excellence Award.

Current and future directions in the plastics and rubber manufacturing point towards meeting the goals of the Industry 4.0. Smart manufacturing, intelligent production processes, Internet of Thing (IoT) concepts have swept Asia and the rest of the world. Prior to these trends, however, Yann Bang has already moved ahead of the market to create auxiliary equipment that can be interconnected, especially in the injection moulding segment.

Yann Bang offers WT (Wise-Transit) Net 4.0, which features responds to the objective of connectivity and intelligent operations. The first method involves unified operation, monitoring and connection with the controller of injection moulding machines where parameter setting, procedure monitoring, and alarms are all on the same controller. This enables easier management and control procedure, and saves time for managing models. The second method is the best choice to upgrade traditional injection moulding machine. In this scenario, all equipment can be unified and connected under one controller. In this set up, complete setting, monitoring and data collection from equipment can be done through an application (app) that can be installed on the table or smartphone through WIFI connection, thus speeding up the achievement of a smart factory through networking.

In this set up, several options can be requested and auxiliary equipment can be added such as the Auto Vacuum Loader that is floor-mounted; the Hopper Dryer; the Dehumidifying Dryer; the Master-batch Feeder; Mold Temperature Controller; and Chiller/Airconditioner. This has made Yann Bang a leading innovator with one-stop total solutions ideal for the growing industry sectors.

Yann Bang also provides a Central Conveying System that can control 30 sets of moulding machines at the same time and promises a return on investment in 2 to 3 years. The system ensures greater productivity at lower cost and better energy efficiency. It turns out less material waste and pollution during the conveying process, and operates with minimal noise due to the separation of the blowers from the working place.

Another offering is the Yann Bang Instant Recycling System (IRS) which uses a crusher to immediately granulate the sprues, waste material or other materials into small pieces as recycled material that be mixed with virgin material by a proportional valve in right proportion. The recycling process cuts down costs without affecting overall product quality, and at the same time consumes less energy.

Yann Bang auxiliary equipment are also ideal for other production systems such as for injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding and film production. There’s a lot more. According to Mr. Wang: “Yann Bang can now offer carbon fibre injection moulding peripherals and it is waiting for market maturity and acceptance.”

In the auxiliary market, Yann Bang may not be pricing its products in the low-end category because of the high quality its products guarantee. Debby Wang, Assistant Manager, stated that, “Once, I saw an old oven dryer in a factory and the customer told me that the injection moulding machine in the factory has been upgraded four times in over 30 years, but the dryer is still the same and remains very useful. That is why the market share of Yann Bang’s auxiliary equipment for injection moulding in Taiwan remains high, at more than 80%.” Well-known companies such as NanYa, BASF, Chimei, Byer, Coating P. Materials and Sheen Soon all use equipment made by Yann Bang.

The staying power of a legend

What is the secret of Yann Bang being ahead of our time? Mr. Wang explained that his education and love for learning encouraged him to be deeply involved in researching market and technological trends domestically and internationally. “Yann Bang is always set to embark on new projects and expand its global reach. Beyond our operations, we have many affiliations for our social commitments.” In terms of network, there are plans to open new subsidiaries or sales offices in other Asian countries, for example, in Vietnam. Another important project is a cooperation with the biggest airplane manufacturer in Taiwan to supply them with equipment and raw materials.

In all its accomplishments, Yann Bang stands by its slogan “Quality of Life.” Even when its range of equipment are not directly related to the quality of the common people’s lives, Yann Bang has innovated beyond what the market needs to make manufacturing an easy and profitable business for those engaged in plastics and rubber production who strived to turn out high quality end-products for both domestic and international markets.


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