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Multi-Function Dehumidifying Dryer

  • Save money. Three-in-one design can dry, dehumidify, and automatically convey resins.

  • Low noise to promote the quality of environment.

  • Easy to move. The unit with wheels can move anywhere for your need.

  • Designed structure to save more space for use.

  • Combine drying and dehumidification system to save energy and lower carbon emission.

Multi-Function Dehumidifying Dryer

Multi-Function Dehumidifying Dryer  ( DHC-NA )

Our All-in-One or 3-in-1 honeycomb dehumidifiers are with stainless hopper dryers and vacumm loaders  to offer the best solution to plastc drying, dehumidification and conveying. 

  • Air filter and pipe cleaning device are easy to take out without any tool to save your time.

  • Hopper Dryer made by stainless steel with clean door for easy maintenance.

  • DHC-NA   TAIWAN PAT. : 226845 & M300795    CHINA PAT. : 02272700.0

Multi-Function Dehumidifying Dryer  ( DHC-NA )


  • To choose the suitable model of dryers and loaders will be changed by resin grade, drying condition and other factors.

  • Customized specifications are available upon your early inquiry.

  • If your Dehumidifying Dryer works with more than one suction hopper,suggest to upgrade one level of your blower .

  • If your dehumidifying dryer apply for two more molding machines, we suggest you to increase the dehumidifying dryer’s size or enhance the fan flow of fan motor.

  • We reserve the right to change the technical data without prior notice.

  • Intelligent P.I.D. digital temperature controller

  • Temp. display of outlet air 

  • Water shortage alarm

  • Motor reverse protector

  • Motor overload protector

  • Overheat preventer

  • No-circuit switch

Patented Energy-Efficient Device 


Patented Energy-Efficient Device 

The advanced technology recycles internal heat and faster heating. The temperature inside hopper increases quickly for better drying and shorten above 30% of drying hour. Simultaneously the unit can separate dust and oil for better quality. An energy-efficient device can save energy and improve working environment for you. 

Oil Eliminator


  • YANN BANG oil eliminator replaces the generic filter which can’t eliminate the hot gas. Using this patented (Taiwan M327784) oil eliminator can prevent the hot oil gas entering into the desiccant dryer and prolong life of honeycomb wheel and desiccative.

  • Other options: Dew-point meter

  • Refractory silicone pipe accessories

Oil Eliminator



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