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Mould Dryer

Mould Dryer

Mould Dryer


Mould dryers are also called industrial air conditioners or mold /mould dehumidification, applied for controlling the ambient temperature around an injection mold. Too much moisture in the air may affect the quality of the mold surface because of condensation forming on the molded surface. 

Too high humidity in air may affect the quality of your mould surface because of the condensation forming on the moulded surface.
A mould dryer is perfect working with preform injection moulding machine.

The dry air from the mould dryer reduces the condensation while the mould is cooling.

That accurately controls the humid around the mould to ensure your product in good quality.

  1. PID temperature controller system(IC control panel).

  2. Abnormal warning display(IC control panel).

  3. Motor overloading & phase-reversing protection.

  4. The through-out air temperature from the mould dryer can be adjusted.

  5. Special water-exhausting design.



  • Use environmental-friendly refrigerant gas R-407C or R-404A.

  • Dehumidification capacity is based on outside condition of 29°C (D.B) and 25°C (W.B).

  • Machine dimension is frame dimension not including length of piping and air outlet port.

  • We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice.

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