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Mold Temperature Controller

Mold Temperature Controller (YBMI/YBMD)

Our temperature control unit can use water/oil heating system to secure the high quality of plastic products made by injection, extrusion and blow molding machines. 

How to Choose Model

  • YBMI series are ideal for oil: By oil, suit for long-term continuous operation, keep the temperature steady, no flash on tiny and thin products, and no corrosion. However, the heater may be damaged if you do not use the thermo oil correctly or change oil routinely.Recommend to choose oil-type mold temperature controller when your required temperature is 150℃ or above.

  • YBMD series are ideal for water: By water, heating up faster, cooling better, harmless to your mold   and more economic than oil type for maintenance and cost. However, the water boiling point is low and the element of different water may occur corrosion or limescale to affect the heat exchange and products quality. Recommend to choose water-type mold temperature controller when your required temperature is 150℃ or below.

To improve the efficiency :

  • Automatically controls of mold temperature to give perfect moldings with every shot.

  • Keep mold at correct temperature even when machine is stopped thus eliminating start up delays in the morning or during daytime stops.

  • As mold temperature is kept at its optimized temperature, the injection molding machine can run at its maximum speed to suit the job.

To improve the quality :

  • Steady controlled temperature makes plastic molding accurate in size and consistent with quality.

  • Accurate mold temperature solves the problem of plastic flow patterns, reducing flow and weld lines, gloss appearance, record grooves effect, silver streaking, stress-whitening, warping, and etc....

Structure features :

  • Water/oil dual purpose design can use either water or oil as heating media.

  • Special compact construction means both heating and cooling of the medium being used is done within the unit. (Exclude the model with a vertical pump)

  • PID temperature controllers are used for accurate control of temperature within±1℃.

  • Two-step-heating selector makes rapid temperature increasing possible when require thus saving time and power specially start up in the morning.

  • The stainless steel tank guards against corrosion to ensure leak-free and long-lasting.

  • Well thought of safety devices such as alarms for errors, circuit breakers, motor direction, overheat protector, auto-exhauster, and etc...

Mold Temperature Controller
Mold Temperature Controller


  • Cooling water pressure must reach over 1.5kg/cm²(YBMI)、2.5kg/cm²(YBMD).

  • Choose rubber steel wire hose as cooling water outlet when required temperature over 120°C.

  • Please change thermo oil every three months when desired temperature over 150°C.

  • We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice.

  1. No-circuit breaker

  2. Oil/Water shortage alarm

  3. Overheat protector

  4. Motor reverse protector

  5. Motor overload protector

  6. Auto-exhauster

  7. Alarms for errors


  1. Multi-inlet & outlet joints

  2. Refractory Teflon hoses

  3. Thermo oil 

  4. Auto oil scavenger

  5. Flash guard lamp



  1. Multi-inlet & outlet joints

  2. Refractory Teflon hoses

  3. Limescale magnetizer

  4. Flow meter

  5. Flash guard lamp

  6. Auto water scavenger



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