Mighty Crusher

Mighty Crusher (YBC)

Powerful crusher machine are suitable to centralize and recycle the waste of injection, blowing and extrusion molding machines. 

  • Large feed inlet can break most kinds of plastic or rubber scrap and waste material easily, bulk feeding more efficiently, save labor cost and time.

  • With well-thought safety protection design and low noise and dust for better working environment.

  • The series are suitable to centralize and recycle the waste of injection, blowing and extrusion molding machine.

  • With patented(CHINA PAT. ZL200820119883.8) design,once the crusher required for maintenance or repair, the crusher will completely stop as the safety device is on and it is very safe for the operator to open the crusher to clean, check or maintain.



  • Equipped a standard claw knife (SKD-11) of with Model Z , you may choose the option of knife H (SKH-2). The model W assembles with cooling system.

  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.


Claw Knife SKD-11


User-friendly Design.

Able to open widely for better vision. 


the granulated material will be separated by the cyclone blower to granulate and dust in different bags.


02. Automatic Discharge Device: Granulated material will be conveyed in bags automatically.

03. Belt Conveyor: Generally you need a platform to feed for a big crusher, the belt conveyor can send material to the crushing chamber easily.

04. Silence type: soundproof design reduces noise effectively while crushing.

05. Side feeding: able to crush long size material such as pipes and more.

​06. Knife Option: SKH-2



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