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Micro Dehumidifying Dryer

The latest micro dehumidifying dryer uses compressed air to dry the plastic resin.  The air volume generated by the air compressor is suitable for the production of small parts, such as electronics parts. The perfect grade of dryness coupled with a moderate amount of drying air, the production efficiency greatly increased.

Air compressor process the air via water filtration, and the air will be compressed between pressure 5~7kg/cm² . The compressed air will then go through the molecular sieve and supply the dry air with dew point up to -40 ~ -50 ℃.

Micro Dehumidifying Dryer (DHM-SL )

Our latest micro dehumidifying dryers feature the compressed air drying system and work with stainless hopper dryers for small volume, like electronic components and other plastic resins.

During the molding process, it will fully demonstrate the perfect plastic properties. In accordance with the different types of plastic, the drying time required is also slightly different, for 2 to 6 hours.

The multi-function design can dry, dehumidify, and automatically convey resins. Comparing to the regular dehumidifying dryer, it can save space and directly connect to the inlet of molding machine. It can directly convey the drying resins to production to prevent resurgence and to ensure the production complete.

  1. Display the dew point detection

  2. Insufficient air pressure detection

  3. Built-in positive pressure conveying system

  4. Overheat preventer

  5. Weekly timer

  6. Install high-density filter

  7. With Industry 4.0 features, Ethernet and RS485 can be used to connect with other brands.

  8. The controller and main body can be separated or combined to facilitate for space arrangements.

Micro Dehumidifying Dryer (DHM-SL )


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