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Master-Batch Feeder

Master-Batch Feeder(MF)
Master-Batch Feeder(MF)

Master-Batch Feeder (MF)

YANN BANG's Master-batch Feeder is calculated by volume. It is an automatic color volumetric doser.

  • Automatic Coloring:The masterbatch mixes with your virgin resin at the machine hopper automatically.You don't need to pre-color nor pre-mix your resin anymore. It saves the manpower, resin, stock costs,and keeps working environment clean.

  • Accurate Mixing:The unit mixes and doses masterbatch, additives, free flowing powders, regrinded and virgin resin to ensure consistent and accurate mixing which results in better quality of product and less rejects.

  • Character of Structure:

  1. The unit consists of four basic parts:Multi-station feed throat adapter,main body,hopper and electrical control box. It is possible to mix up to five different materials with our special multi-station feed throat adapter.

  2. With the special process,the internal part of the unit has no dead corners and makes the dosing process more accurate. The main body is made of cast aluminum with the dosing-cylinder and dosing-screw made of chrome steel.Both dosing-cylinder and dosing-screw can be easily changed.

  3. The unit will not be interference by inverter. The unit is equipped with an electronic brake motor which stops the motor instantly when the dosing impulse signal is completed. The motor feedback control is operated by the tacho-generator which will not be influenced by power fluctuations.It gives the utmost accurate dosing.

  4. If some reasons changed R.P.M. of the extruder after setting,the unit will automatically to be changed by the percentage of new R.P.M.

  5. By just entering the weight of the materials,screw back time,dosing capacity per turn and additional rate of the masterbatch,the CPU will calculate proper R.P.M. rate automatically.The control panel is user friendly&much more accurate.Besides,it also has the function to store up to 10 sets of R.P.M. setting.

  6. To work with the injection molding machines,the unit is also equipped with a timer to control the dosing time.

  7. Special discharging device for emptying material from hopper for color or material changes.

Master-Batch Feeder(MF)
Master-Batch Feeder(MF)


  • Dosing capacity in kg/hr are tested with bulk density of masterbatch 0.65 kg/cm³ by continuing.

  • Dosing capacity varies in accordance with the density of granule,size of masterbatch, frequency,and R.P.M.

  • Options: Mixer、 Alarm of material shortage

  • Yann Bang's Master-Batch Feeder can also supply several molding machines.

  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  1. Chrome Steel Dosing Screw

  2. Imported Electric Brake Motor

  3. Formula Memory setting of Control Box

  4. Indicator of Lack of RPM

  5. Indicator of Motor Overload

  6. Detection of Setting Error

Throat Adapter+Mixer of A Series


Choose A series for capacity below 120 kg/hr

Throat Adapter+Mixer of A Series


Choose B series for capacity above 120kg/hr

Throat Adapter+Mixer of B Series

Throat Adapter+Mixer of B Series




Alternative for injection / extrusion molding machine

Control Box

Control Box
Control Box for MFS Series


Injection molding machine Only

Control Box for MFS Series


HMI Control Box

Masterbatch additives automatic calculation is controlled by HMI interface. Simple operation is special of transparent bottle manufacturing to add the color products such as packing materials, cosmetics, bottles…etc.

  1. High accuracy. HMI interface touching screen input the formula directly. Unit is Smart calculation and high accuracy. Single-Chip Microcontroller provides additional masterbatch calculation for second injection cycle to prevent color differences.

  2. Easy sampling. New “sampling” functions to obtain work easier and better efficiency. 

  3. Fast clean. One touch fast clean functions. Screw automatically release the remain material to change the color rapidly. 

  4. Multi-Memory. Automatic memory function expanded to 40 groups can be recorded more recipes. 

  5. Recipe history. Easily review the message of the total amount for producing cycle and masterbatch added from “recipe mode”. No manual calculation needed.

  6. Abnormal notice. The system will display error messages during working conditions. It can be solved error right away and save time.

HMI Control Box
Big Capacity Hopper


Big Capacity Hopper


Material Level Sensor 

Material Level Sensor 



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