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Master-batch Feeder For Powder

Master-batch Feeder for Powder (MFP)

MFP doser, also called volumetric Powder Doser, controls the volume of powder to feed masterbatch or resins accurately.

  • Easy operation:Enter the weight of the resins,screw back time, dosing capacity per turn and additional rate of the masterbatch, it will calculate proper P.R.M. rate automatically. The function is available to store up to 10 sets of R.P.M. Setting memory.

  • Flexible extension:Each feeder controls and operates individually. It is easy to add extra a feeder or change the type of screw later. A dosing and mixing system of various resins is available for your early inquiry.

  • Precise calculation:With the special process, the internal part of the unit has no dead corners and makes the dosing process more accurate.

Master-batch Feeder for Powder (MFP)
Master-batch Feeder for Powder (MFP)


  • Dosing capacity in kg/hr are tested with bulk density of masterbatch 0.4 kg/cm³ by continuing.

  • Dosing capacity varies in accordance with the density of granule,size of masterbatch frequency,and R.P.M.

  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  1. Chrome Steel Dosing Screw

  2. Imported Electric Brake Motor

  3. Formula Memory setting of Control Box 

  4. Indicator of lack of RPM

  5. Indicator of Motor Overload

  6. Detection of Setting Error 

  1. Material Level sensor

  2. Mixers: Mixer-A and MixerB are for after-dosing. Mixer-K is for anti-bridge. 




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