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Liquid Vacuum Injection Machine

Liquid Vacuum Injection Machine

Liquid Vacuum Injection Machine

1. This product is state of the art system designed with 5000cc capacity heating barrel which can be filled with liquid raw materials, heating, stirring, and vacuum infusion at one time. Also, meets the carbon fiber RTM manufacturing process.
2. Using a precision motor to drive the piston, it can be controlled the temperature, flow, and pressure of the resin system.
3. Injection cylinder: Maximum operating temperature 350℉±10℉ (176℃), flow rate maximum is 500cc/min. And pressure maximum injection hydrostatic pressure is 300psi. The moving speed is about 2000cc/min by regulating piston of the cylinder. The heating tube is wrapped with a layer of insulation cloth to make the heating temperature evenly distributed. It can do heating, degassing, vacuum monitoring and adjust the angle at same time. 

4. Vacuum system: The vacuum motor which supply mold and related vacuum equipment. The vacuum level can reach below 0.6torr and it can prevent resin flowing into the rubber collecting filter tank.
5. Control Station
a. Equipped with a 10 "color touch screen, which can set and monitor all the parameters and measured values in the process of the resin injector.
b. With Industry 4.0 communication, and a database can be used for SCADA monitoring or production history record tracking.
6. Alarm: Automatic security protection equipped with [Emergency Stop] button and [Alarm] if overpressure or error. 
7. Cleaning: The angle can be adjusted when removing the resin from the injector and the piston extended out from the cylinder the injector can be cleaned easily.




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