Hopper Dryer / Hot Air Hopper Dryer

Hopper Dryer (HD/IHD/DHD)
Hopper Dryer (HD/IHD/DHD)

Hopper Dryer (HD/IHD/DHD)

Hot Air Hopper Dryer

  • HD Series    
    Rapid heating.    
    Constant temperature control.

  • IHD Series    
    Special insulated design.    
    Energy saving.    
    Prevent burns.  

Hopper dryers also called hot air dryers. The YANN BANG durable drying hoppers are for efficient plastics drying.

  • DHD Series    
    Unique dual chamber design with better insulation.
    Dust-free, clean-free and energy save.
    The standard DHD model is equipped with timer(T), EGO overheat protector(P),and patented magnetic stand (NSD) 


  1. Specific gravity(Granular)≒0.68

  2. Approx. Weight doesn’t contain mounting flange

  3. Dimension: A(height contains mounting flange), B(width), C(width of hopper), D(height of mounting flange), E(width of mounting flange), F(diameter of material inlet port)

  4. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

​       DHD

  • Intelligent P.I.D. digital temperature controller

  • NSD mounting flange 

  • Weekly timer

  • Overheat preventer(OP)


  • Manual temperature controller

  • Standard mounting flange 

  • Temperature indicator

  • Overheat preventer(OP)


  • Manual temperature controller

  • Standard mounting flange 

  • Temperature indicator

  • Overheat preventer(OP)


  • Easy move and less space.

  • MFL series is for the hopper dryer 50 kgs and MFM series is for the hopper dryer more then 50 kgs.

Mobile Stand


A Suction base is attached to the throat of the hopper dryer on a mobile stand to allow the dry material to be easily conveyed by the auto loader.

Suction Base


Time Saving & Higher Efficiency
Unique Heat Recycler constructs a close cycle to make preheat effect which decreases heating time,saves resource and drying effect.
CHINA PAT:01258213.1

(Patented) Heat Recycler(HRC Series)


Control Box

Magnets For Base And Hopper


Prevent Metal Contamination.
To protect your screw of machine for the adsorption on iron filing.
NSD can prevent metal contamination and also use as a Suction Base which can convey resin directly.


Vacuum Dryer(VB)

With patents technology in Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China re-dry plastic resins by the vacuum theory to quickly reduce moisture content in short time and reach dew point down to -25 ℃. Human-machine interface control system is user-friendly and able to detect vacuum condition and stability anytime. The dryer is light and easy maintenance. Any brand of hopper dryer can install directly upon it to upgrade your drying production more efficiently without occupying your space but save more time and energy cost.
GERMAN PAT. Nr 202013009958.5 JAPAN PAT. 3187454 TAIWAN PAT. M461532 & M462172 CHINA PAT. ZL201320263929.4 & ZL201320263964.6


Dust Collectors

DC: Cyclone design stops dust of resins from discharging to the outer space.

DF: Special paper filter design. Even better dust collecting result than traditional dust collectors.



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