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Gravimetric Master-Batch Feeder

Gravimetric Master-Batch Feeder (MF-G)

MF-G is the latest gravimetric feeder of YANN BANG's design. It can increase the accuracy of the doses of uneven size of resins.

YANN BANG’s latest gravimetric master-batch feeder with lose-in-weight design (MF-G) increases your accuracy caused by the uneven size of master-batch or recycled resins. 

  1. Weighing measuring device can accurately measure up to 6 kinds of granular plastics, master-batch and additives with accuracy of ± 0.5%.

  2. Production record will check the using weight of material during the process.

  3. It can equip with injection-type cycle operation, and a time-delayed control design. It can prevent the unstable additional rate of the master-batch from the different times of mold.

  4. Error data is recorded by day, month, and year for adjustment and maintenance.

  5. Be able to save 40 groups molding data, customized formulations, recipes…Recall the records quickly, eliminating the need for manual records and re-enter the program, but also reduce manual errors. It’s easy to operate.

  6. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) can connect to Ethernet and RS485. With Industry 4.0 features, the feeder can integrate with existing auxiliary equipment.



  • We reserve the right to change the technical data without prior notice.


HMI Control Box

Masterbatch additives automatic calculation is controlled by HMI interface. Simple operation is special of transparent bottle manufacturing to add the color products such as packing materials, cosmetics, bottles…etc.

  1. High accuracy. HMI interface touching screen input the formula directly. Unit is Smart calculation and high accuracy. Single-Chip Microcontroller provides additional masterbatch calculation for second injection cycle to prevent color differences.

  2. Easy sampling. New “sampling” functions to obtain work easier and better efficiency. 

  3. Fast clean. One touch fast clean functions. Screw automatically release the remain material to change the color rapidly. 

  4. Multi-Memory. Automatic memory function expanded to 40 groups can be recorded more recipes. 

  5. Recipe history. Easily review the message of the total amount for producing cycle and masterbatch added from “recipe mode”. No manual calculation needed.

  6. Abnormal notice. The system will display error messages during working conditions. It can be solved error right away and save time.

HMI Control Box


Big Capacity Hopper

Material Level Sensor 
Big Capacity Hopper


Material Level Sensor 



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