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Gravimetric Auto Dosing & Mixing System

Gravimetric Auto Dosing & Mixing System (ADMG)

ADMG is the Gravimetric Blender, Gravimetric Dosing Systems, which measures the required amount of powder resin, master-batch or additive precisely.

ADMG can measure powder resin, granule resin, master-batch, or additive precisely upto 8 kinds.(Virgin:1~4 kinds, master-batch:1~4kinds, Max.:8kinds) The accurcy is upto ±0.5%.

By entering the percentage of each batch and supply value to operate effectively, HMI automatically calculates all required values operate and monitor by single personnel or connect PC through modern to maintain the system or solve problem. HMI is dynamic and versatile to provide the most efficient and economic operation.

ADMG automatically measures the required amount accumulatively in order when you add extra resins or additives which will not affect the precision of dosing or mixing .
Error problems are recorded the time by day, month, and year for the maintenance.
Stainless design and individual function units are easy to discharge and install.​

Taiwan Pat. M296981 China Pat. 200620055661.5


• Weighing measuring device can accurately measure up to 6 kinds of granular plastics, master-batch and additives with accuracy of ± 0.5%.
• Intelligent man-machine interface operation mode (PLC). Automatically calculate and compensation by setting capacity and mixing ratio per batch. Automatic calculation and compensation by PLC, automatic memory of accumulated mixture weight, high automation, keeping abreast of production progress.  Reducing human error and working hours.
• Production formula can be stored in the system for up to 100 groups without manual recording, showing high standardization.
• Internal static eliminator can solve the problems caused by plastic static electricity without adding anti-static additives.
• Material hopper arc design. Made of stainless steel 304 the material falls smoothly.
• The material hopper and load scale barrel are designed with quick-disassembly structure for quick material change and cleaning.
• It can be equipped with a mobile mixing storage tank next to the machine. Or equip on the molding machine directly and save space.

Gravimetric Auto Dosing & Mixing System (ADMG)

※Material specific gravity 0.65



  • Model illustration   ADMG-1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Total 7 numbers)
    1st~4th code : Max. Capacity(kg/hr) ex:0100 means 100kg/hr,1000 means 1000kg/hr
    5th code :Quantity for  screw feeder , choose 0~4 sets.
    6th code :Quantity for  knife-valve feeder , choose 0~4 sets.
    7th code :Quantity for vibro-feeder.
    Example: The Max. capacity of ADMG-0100400 is 100kg/hr with 4  screw feeder , none  knife-valve feeder  and none vibro-feeder.

  • Customized specifications are available upon your early inquiry.

  • We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice. 

  1. Indicator of Lack of RPM

  2. Indicator of Motor Overload

  3. Detection of Setting Error 

Vertical type VS Floor type


Vertical type VS Floor type

Vertical type: Directly equipped upon a molding machine to save your space. No need to purchase an extra auto loader.

Floor type: Equipped with a mobile stand. Easy for maintenance and setting. Need to work with an extra auto loader for conveying dried material.


Knife-Valve feeders VS Screw feeders

Knife-Valve feeder: Precise feeding by three-stage knife. Controlling by human machine interface and microcontroller can set the feeding mode and adjust to ensure the scale accuracy precisely.
Screw feeders: Spiral feeding with precise capacity by servo controller. Signal transmission can monitor and send feedback to PLC for adjustment to ensure the scale accuracy precisely.

Knife-Valve feeders VS Screw feeders
Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface


  1. User-friendly menu can set numerous passwords, date, time, multi language, brightness and more.

  2. You can set the feeding weight, discharge time, dosing and mixing time, servo motor and more. Also you can restrict the weight of empty hopper, idle time, delay time and more.

  3. Auto mode : Monitor the feeding condition of each material any time. Manual mode : Use HMI manually to check all function and setting of the unit before starting.

  4. "The alarm history report" will display the alarm frequency and record the abnormality by scrolling the text on management system.


Mixer & Load Scale

Mixer & Load Scale
Lump-sum of Dosing, Mixing and Conveying


To work with YANN BANG conveying system is an excellent choice to make the air-tight cycle to dose and mix you material for better result.

Lump-sum of Dosing, Mixing and Conveying


Material Level Sensor 

Material Level Sensor 



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