Extrusion molding machine / Plastic Auxiliary Equipment

Extrusion Molding Machine

Extrusion molding machine
Plastic Auxiliary Equipment

We are capable of offerring a wide range of auxiliary equipment specificaly for extrusion molding mechines, like hopper dryers, dehumidifying dryers, chillers, PET crystallizers, vacuum loaders, mold temperature controllers, master-bacth feeders and auto dosing and mixing systems.

  1. Better company image

  2. Greater productivity

  3. Lower cost 

  4. Better energy efficiency

  5. Less material waste and pollution during the conveying process

  6. Better working environment

  7. Less noise due to the separation of the blowers from the working place

Drying & Dehumidifying System
Dosing & Mixing System
Loading & Conveying System
Granulating & Recycling System
Cooling & Heating System



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