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Energy-Efficient Hopper Dryer

Energy-Efficient Hopper Dryer (HD/IH

Energy-Efficient Hopper Dryer (HD/IHD/DHD-G)

※Awarded patents in Germany, Taiwan and China, the advanced technology recycles internal heat and faster heating. That saves your energy over 30% and extend equipment’s life time. Work with a dehumidifier can save more!
The temperature inside hopper increases quickly for better drying and shorten above 30% of drying hour. Simultaneously the energy-efficient device can separate dust and oil for better quality. It can save energy and improve working environment for you.

Our patented high performance hot air hopper dryers with the latest heating technology can save 30% of the drying time and energy.


  • Specific gravity: 0.68

  • The dimensions refer to the specification of HD, IHD & DHD.

  • Total Power=Heater+Fan Motor , 1KW=1000W

  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  • Intelligent P.I.D digital temperature controller

  • Timer

  • Overheat preventer

Mobile Stand


  • Easy move and less space.

  • MFL series is for the hopper dryer 50 kgs and MFM series is for the hopper dryer more then 50 kgs.

Mobile Stand


A Suction base is attached to the throat of the hopper dryer on a mobile stand to allow the dry material to be easily conveyed by the auto loader.

Suction base

Suction base
Control Box


Control Box


Magnets for Base and Hopper

Prevent Metal Contamination.
To protect your screw of machine for the adsorption on iron filing.
NSD can prevent metal contamination and also use as a Suction Base which can convey resin directly.

Magnets For Base And Hopper
Dust Collectors


Dust Collectors

DC: Cyclone design stops dust of resins from discharging to the outer space.

DF: Special paper filter design. Even better dust collecting result than traditional dust collectors.



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