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Crystallized Hopper Dryer / PET Crystallizer

Crystallized Hopper Dryer (CHD)

Crystallized Hopper Dryer
PET Crystallizer

  • The crystallized hopper dryer is designed with a unique mixer inside the stainless insulated hopper.The unique mixer stirs the resin simultaneously while the unit is drying.To crystallize,it increases the I.V. value and speeds up the crystallization. To Dry the mixer dries evenly and shortens the drying time.

Our PET / PLA Crystallizer is a closed-loop heating system continuously to re-crystallize PET amorphous resin and covert it into crystalline state.

  • YANN BANG Crystallized Hopper Dryer is the best choice for PET users.
    1. SAVE COST. With YANN BANG's patented drying technology,the crystallized hopper dryer mixes the resin evenly while drying and shortens the drying time.
    2. PREVENT BRIDGE MAKING. When drying oily,sticky,abnormal shaped resin,it is easy to have the bridge making.To use the crystallized hopper dryer can prevent the bridge making effectively.
    3. NUMEROUS MIXERS AVAILABLE. Different kinds of unique mixers to suit for your special needs.


  • The reference values may be changed by the resin difference, environment difference, and others.

  • Specific gravity (Granular) :0.77

  • Total Power=Heater+Mixer Motor

  • We reserve the right to change the specification without prior notice.

  • Intelligent P.I.D. digital temperature controller

  • Clean door protector

  • Motor overload protector

  • Overheat preventer

  • Multi-Function Temperature Controller

  • Motor (customized)

  • CHD-F: continuous function 

  • Mixer: S type for standard, T type for bridge-break, A type for advanced



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