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Constant Water Chiller

Constant Water Chiller (YCWP)

Constant Water Chiller (YCWP)

The circulating water chiller manufactured by YANN BANG is your best industrial chiller as a hight-quality water chiller  with the feature of energy saving.

Different to traditional water chillers with unstable temperature degree and unreliable compressor troubles, YANN BANG’s new product-Constant Water Chiller (YCWP series) as a high-quality water chiller can be set by your required degree precisely and keep it steadily. The advantages ensure your product in high quality and improve process capability. Also save more power energy for you!

  1. Mold’s cooling temperature controlling setting within ±1 ℃ to ensure high-quality products and increase high performance.

  2. By unique constant design, YCWP save more energy and extend machine life.

  3. Equipped with high-efficiency condenser able to work in high heat conduction and reduce 35% of unit size for space save.

  4. Use imported well-known compressor. Large models adopt dual compressors with dual cooling system that work independently. When one breaks down, the system will keep working and keeps production line smoothly.

  5. Use P.I.D. temperature controller, error Indicators, digital display controller and more safety protection devices. User-friendly setting and smart error report for your productive more efficient.



  • The environment temp. in 25°C as refrigerating capacity and 7°C as cooling temp. are the cooling requirement.

  • Suggest enlarge the Dilatation Water Tank and locate it outdoor as a central cooling system when you choose above 25HP models.

  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  • Standard use environmentally-friendly refrigerant R-407C. Option: refrigerant  R-22.

  • Standard with low pressure pump, optional choice of high-pressure pump.

  • Cooling water flowing by inlet and outlet per one, allow customer demand to change flowing inlet & outlet quantity and diameter.

  • Security Protecting Device : Motor reverse protector / Motor overload protector / Compressor overload protector / Refrigerant high & low pressure protector / Refrigerant high & low pressure protection gauger / Cooling water pressure gauger / Anti-freeze protection.

Cooling Tower


  • Unique design and outstanding heat-exhausting effect.

  • Rust prevention.

  • Optional water pump.

Cooling Tower



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