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Auto Vacuum Loader (BC)

Auto Vacuum Loader (BC)


Hopper Mounted

Hopper Mounted auto loader is the freestanding type of vacuum loader which can install upon a hopper on the dryer or molding machines.

  • BC: traditional panel
    BCE: touch panel

  • Compact size, light weight, low noise, easy operation and installation, suit to convey one kind of resin or material, can install upon a hopper dryer or molding machine directly.

  • Use high speed, powerful, single phase commutator motor and is the smallest and the most economical loader in our range.

  • It is ideal for small machines.

  • BC-4F/ BCE-4F: dual filter

  • BCE-M:  The glass hopper as a Material Inlet Base (MIB)is used to prevent the resin blocking or lacking. Easy to see the loading condition through the glass suction hopper.



  • The conveying capacity listed on the table is tested with standard new PS granular resin with the motor running continuously. Test condition of conveying capacity: Vertical conveying height=4M, Horizontal conveying length=5M

  • Conveying capacity varies with the shape and bulk density of the resin, piping, conveying length & height, power supply frequency and other factors.

  • Plastic material of Bulk density: 0.68 kg/L, Material with Powder calculated at 40%.

  • For the best result, please choose the loader according to 80~85% of loading capacity.

  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  • Motor overload protector

Air Accumulator

Air Accumulator


Air accumulator is perfect conveying mixed resin with powder and granule, heavy powder resin, regrinded resin, or flake resin.Prevent the damage of your motor from dust and lengthen the machine life time. Save your energy and material cost.


Material Inlet Base(MIB) is fitted between suction hopper and molding machine for direct filling material without shortage.


Static Eliminator


Static Eliminator

The static eliminator could separate the dust and the pellet easily to improve product quality and decrease defective rate. This is one of the best solutions for LCD panels, compact disc, optical lenses, and optics related vendors.



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