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2-in-1 Conveying Dryer

※Hopper dryer combine vacuum loader is perfect to move anywhere for your need.

  • A stainless insulated hopper dryer with dual layer to help drying better and faster. Save more energy and increase higher efficiency.

  • A vacuum loader automatically supplies dried resin to avoid the shortage of material during production. Installed pipe-clean device (Taiwan Pat:M299801) and closed-loop can prevent the moisture return, static electricity and resin pollution inside the pipe for better quality.​

2-in-1 Conveying Dryer (CD)

2-in-1 Conveying Dryer (CD)

Our CD drying loader, compact and portable, integrates a hopper dryer and a hopper loader into one unit to reduce men power and avoid contamination during the transportation.

  • Patented Heat-recycler (Taiwan Pat:226245;China Pat:01258213.1) can save your energy, increase drying and decrease the pollution of hot air and dust.

  • Installed weekly timer and safety protectors can save your labor cost and protect operators in better working environment.

  • Only one control unit is convenient for you to monitor all suction points. Able to extend suction points up to four as 1 to 4 small central conveying system to supply resin for raw material areas and numerous molding machines. Save your equipment cost and space without extra spend.


  • Please select model above 2HP loader if the loading capacity increased.

  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  • Equipped with dual-layer "Dust-Free & Insulated Hopper Dryer (DHD)"  ,  above DHD-50 model with cleaning door help work more efficiently.

  • With Pipe Clean Device ( Taiwan Patent M299801)

  • Heat Recycler ( Taiwan Patent M226245, China Patent :01255213.1)

  • Weekly Timer

  • Integrate 1 to 2 small central conveying system.

  • Mobile Stand

  • Overheat preventer

  • No-circuit switch

  • Motor overload protection.

  • Vortex Cyclone (VC)

  • Integrate 1 to 4 small central conveying system



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