Volumetric Auto Dosing & Mixing System

Volumetric Auto Dosing & Mixing System (ADMX)

ADMX is the volumetric doser that measures the needed quantity based on volume to feed the material or resin.

  • COST SAVE:ADMX can measure granule resin, master-batch, or additive precisely .

  • EASY OPERATE & MORE EFFICIENT:By keying in the required capacity per hour and the mixing percentage of each resin and master-batch, HMI automatically calculates all required values. To operate and monitor by single personnel or connect PC through modern to maintain the system or solve problem, that provides the most efficient and economic operation.

  • EASY CLEAN & SPACE SAVE:Stainless and unique design is easy to discharge and clean.

Volumetric Auto Dosing & Mixing System (ADMX)



  • Model illustration   ADMX-1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Total 7 numbers)
    1st~4th code : Capacity(kg/hr) ex:0100 means 100kg/hr,1000 means 1000kg/hr
    5th code:Quantity for A type feeder, choose 0~5 sets,  dosing capacity 0.18~31kg/hr
    6th code:Quantity for B type feeder, choose 0~2 sets, dosing capacity 12~355kg/hr
    7th code:Quantity for C type feeder, it is a customized.
    Example:The capacity of ADMX-0100310 is 100kg/hr with three A type feeders, one B type feeder and none C type feeder. 

  • Customized specifications are available upon your early inquiry.

  • We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice. 

  1. Indicator of Lack of RPM

  2. Indicator of Motor Overload

  3. Detection of Setting Error 

Lump-sum of Dosing, Mixing and Conveying


To work with YANN BANG conveying system is an excellent choice to make the air-tight cycle to dose and mix you material for better result.

Lump-sum of Dosing, Mixing and Conveying



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