How to make processing product without welding marks, gloss surface like as mirror?
How to remove cold shrinkage and thermal expansion and stabilize moldong quality?
How to solve high defect rate of plastic material by the mold flow to cause thick-wall or thin-wall product?

Rapid Cool and Heat Mold Temperature Controller (YBMR)

YANN BANG help you to find the solution by “ Rapid cool and heat mold temperature controller(YBMR-180 Series)”, and 3 times faster than the traditional model !!!

  1. Connect signal with the molding machine to supply hot or cold water at appropriate time, including with recycling and insulation to provide energy and electric power conservation, short the cycle time of production.

  2. Hot water up to 180 ° C for a wide range of customers use.

  3. Apply to imported high-pressure motors to control heating and cooling rapidly, remove the welding wires and traces, ruffles and silver marks on product surfaces, etc. The product’s surface is smooth as finish as a mirror. Not require follow-up painting and other processing procedures, reduce manufacturing costs and cover both of energy-saving and environment-friendly.

  4. Required temperature to rise and drop rapidly and reduce impact of cold shrinkage and thermal expansion, maintain high product quality. The effect of product quality , including thin-wall molding and product strength.

  5. Signal combination of time and temperature of the molding machine with 24 protection methods with hot and cold water levels, temperature, pressure overload, etc.

  6. Integration control screen and interface display operational status on digitalizing panel.

  7. Separate-type with “Heat-insulted” of Control box and host extend operating lifetime of programmable control components.

  8. Maintenance programs and solve the problem by intelligent remote control, the whole programmable control components for safety and security.


  • Appkying indirect-cooling system. Same caliber pipes for hot and cooling water.

  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  1. No-circuit breaker

  2. Water shortage alarm

  3. Overheat protector

  4. Motor reverse protector

  5. Motor overload protector

  1. Refractory teflon hoses

  2. Enlarged Dilatation Water Tank 


  • Unique design and outstanding heat-exhausting effect.

  • Rust prevention.

  • Optional water pump.

Cooling Tower



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