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Oven Dryer 

  • The Oven Dryer is a compact, convenient drying equipment which can dry more than one type of resin at the same. For plastics use, it can be used for annealing and product testing after molding.

  • It can also dry electric motor and parts, electroplating, pharmaceutical, paint, printing, agricultural and food. (grain, garlic, tea, and etc.)

Oven Dryer (YBO)
Oven Dryer (YBO)
Oven Dryer (YBO)

Oven Dryer (YBO)

Our drying oven or hot air oven, unique forced heating system, is sutiable for many applications in plastc, food, agricultural and electronic industries. 

  1. Powerful, heated air flow system and unique air circuit are designed for evenly temperature control and the best baking quality.

  2. The oven dryer has stainless steel trays in which you can place your resins or material to be dried. Hot air recycling system is durable and energy saving.

  3. Equipped with 24-hour-timer which can be set in advance to operate the oven dryer.


  • For the best result, please choose the model according to 90% of the capacity.

  • Please do not place any objects on the top of the oven dryer.

  • We reserve the right to change the technical data without prior notice.

  • Manual temperature controller

  • Weekly timer

  • Overheat preventer

  • No-circuit switch

Oven Dryer (YBO)


Intelligent P.I.D. Digital Temperature Controller


Wheeled Trays


Screen Trays



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